Bio Feedback


The BioFeedback module (available as of version 1.10) was inspired by the “Video Feedback” feature where the user can see some basic test parameters in real time on a second monitor (usually a large TV or a screen/tablet placed in front of the treadmill).

By trying to optimize these parameters while performing the test, for example by minimizing asymmetries or lengthening the stride, the patient "trains" and uses the system as a working tool instead of as an instrument of diagnosis.

The main difference compared to the normal tests described in the previous sections is that data are NOT saved in the BioFeedback module and are NOT paired with any user; it is just a very fast "start & run" module with a minimal user interface, designed also to be used directly by the end patient instead of by the technician/operator.

BioFeedack module is available for treadmill walk/run tests and march in place.

A handy interface, with panels that can be hidden, lets the operator or the patient set the "bad" and "warning" thresholds and some parameters as reference values, starting foot, treadmill speed and rhythm of the metronome.